What Treatments Do Ankle Specialists Offer Their Patients?

What Treatments Do Ankle Specialists Offer Their Patients?

Our ankles play an understated yet important role in our daily lives, bearing our bodies’ weight and enabling us to perform numerous activities. Ankle injuries can affect us in many ways, ranging from reduced mobility, constant pain, and inability to engage in sports. Here are some of the treatments that ankle specialists in Singapore use to treat their patients.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy refers to a broad range of therapies that are designed to help patients improve the function of their muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments to regain their independence. Orthopaedic clinics in Singapore incorporate physical therapy as a key part of treating ankle conditions such as ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, as well as achilles tendonitis. In addition to ankle conditions, physical therapy is also used to treat knee, hip, arm, spine, and shoulder conditions, amongst others.

Generally, physical therapy is prescribed to patients who have been injured in various ways, either due to falls, incurred while engaging in sports, or due to repetitive and improper use of a joint. Physical therapy focuses on rebuilding strength, flexibility, and range of motion, helping patients to bounce back to their previous form.

When treating ankle conditions, ankle specialists in Singapore will first conduct a variety of tests to properly diagnose your condition following a thorough physical examination. In certain cases, X-rays and an MRI scan may need to be ordered to exclude bone, ligament or cartilage injuries.

Arthroscopic Lateral Ligament Repair

Ligaments are the fibrous connective tissues which connect bones to one another and provide support for your joints. They can be torn when stretched fully and exposed to impact or trauma, which often requires proper medical treatment. In severe cases of inflammation or damage, ankle specialists in Singapore may recommend Arthroscopic Lateral Ligament Repair to repair your torn ankle ligaments.

Arthroscopic Lateral Ligament Repair is a treatment designed to tighten and firm up the lateral ligaments of the ankle. It is a minor surgical procedure done on a day surgery basis and involves the insertion of an arthroscope to see the inside of the joint. Subsequently, the ankle specialist will conduct minimally invasive surgery under anaesthesia to repair the lateral ligaments in your ankle by reattaching them back to the fibula in your ankle.

Arthroscopic Lateral Ligament Repair is generally recommended to patients who experience chronic ankle pain and instability and have difficulty performing daily activities. Before recommending this procedure, ankle specialists at orthopaedic clinics in Singapore will first inform patients on the risks and potential complications, depending on the patient’s age, function, and anaesthetic risk.

Brace-Free Rehabilitation Exercises

In cases following orthopaedic surgery as well as for acute or chronic injuries, ankle specialists in Singapore often recommend patients to undergo rehabilitation exercises, which are designed to promote recovery through  alleviating pain as well as correcting musculoskeletal limitations. Some common orthopaedic conditions that usually require rehabilitation include ACL and meniscus tears, hip, knee, or shoulder replacements, fracture fixation as well as osteoporosis.

Some commonly used rehabilitation exercises at orthopaedic clinics in Singapore include hot/cold therapy to treat musculoskeletal pain and swelling, as well as tailor-made exercise plans that patients can do on their own at home. These exercises for ankle rehabilitation include range-of-motion exercises such as tracing out the alphabet with one’s toe, stretching exercises to strengthen the Achilles tendon and improve flexibility, as well as balance and control exercises such as standing on one’s injured foot.

Generally, rehabilitation exercises for the ankles do not require the usage of ankle braces. While ankle braces are useful for safeguarding against injury or overuse while engaging in sports, they cannot act as a substitute for strengthening one’s muscles and ligaments to return to a purposeful and active lifestyle. That is where Arthroscopic Ankle Ligament Repair comes in. 

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