Injury, disease or arthritis can disturb the normal function of the knee joint. This results in knee pain, muscle weakness, and limited movement. Knee treatments such as surgery replacement may sometimes be necessary to retain mobility.

Foot & Ankle Condition

The foot and ankle play very important roles in absorbing the weight of our bodies. They give us the ability to walk, run and jump, and any injury or pain in these areas should be looked at to reduce any long-term impact.

Trauma Surgery and Treatment

In orthopaedic trauma surgery and treatment, and also post-traumatic reconstructive surgery, we are committed to following our patients though all stages of recovery, and aim to restore function to the affected area as much as possible.


Pediatric Treatment

We have extensive experience in treating children in various developmental stages with musculoskeletal injuries, deformities, or other conditions.

Geriatric Orthopaedic Condition

We are also specialised in treating knee, foot and ankle conditions in the elderly in order to retain function and independence where possible.

Insurance Partners

We work with many major local and international insurance companies to provide both cashless and direct settlement options for our patients.

To enquire regarding your insurance coverage, please feel free to call or to write in to us at “” to find out more.

Insurance Partners

Medisave or Health Shield Plans

Specialist Orthopaedic Centre is medisave accredited, so your Medisave or any private Integrated Shield Plan can be used for procedures that are covered under these plans.

Health Shield Plans

Health Talks

Dr Kannan is an active clinical educator at the Yong Loo Ling School of Medicine, National University of Singapore and  is also a faculty member of the National Healthcare Group Residency program. He is also an International Faculty member of the AO trauma group where he had taught in China, India, Thailand and Singapore. He is passionate in developing the Foot & Ankle specialty in the region and has been invited as chairperson and faculty to various F&A courses and symposiums in Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Do contact us for availability for any upcoming health talks.

Health Talks

Orthotics and Podiatry Services

We work carefully with our orthotics and podiatry partners to ensure we are able to provide a range of affordable and effective treatment solutions. Using the latest technology, our podiatrists work closely with patients to design and prescribe customised foot orthotics to help treat a range of biomechanical foot, ankle, leg and lower back conditions.

Orthotics and Podiatry Services

Physiotherapy Services

We also work with experienced physiotherapy partners to provide the best rehabilitation options to our patients. These experienced physiotherapists will assist in improving and resolving difficulties in movement and performance of daily activities.

Physiotherapy Services