The Importance of Medical Insurance to our Patients

As much as we don’t want to think about our loved ones getting sick or hurt, it’s unavoidable at times. Sometimes, our injuries can be caused by external circumstances or the fact that we become more vulnerable to illnesses as we age. In any case, medical bills can often become a source of stress, which is why medical insurance is an integral part of our lives.

Here at Specialist Orthopaedic Centre, we want to ensure that our patients are able to use their medical insurance so that they are able to afford quality medical services and treatments. As such, we have partnered with various medical insurance groups so our patients can directly apply for their insurance benefits when they schedule a treatment in our clinic.

At Specialist Orthopaedic Centre, we aim to provide professional care for our patients without them having to worry about bills. That’s why our doctor is a panel specialist on a number of local and international insurance providers. Panel doctors are appointed by the insurer based on excellent clinical outcomes, adherence to reasonable fees guidelines and a good professional standing.

As a panel specialist clinic, we can seamlessly apply for preauthorization. A letter of guarantee (LOG) is provided by the insurer directly for your inpatient treatments, outpatient consults or radiological investigation and procedures. This enables you to have a seamless cashless service which begins from the clinic to surgery, in which you do not need to make any payment during your admission and discharge from the hospital. So that you can receive the care that you deserve with a peace of mind.

Our FAQ below details some important information that may be useful to you.

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Insurance Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Outpatient care refers to medical services that are provided at a medical facility without the receiver having to stay overnight in a hospital. As they are the most common form of care, many corporate insurance plans have an outpatient insurance coverage that can adequately cover outpatient consultations and treatments. You may also be eligible for panel direct billing in which your bills are directly billed to your corporate insurance provider. It is best to check with your company on such coverage policies.

In addition, personal accident insurance plans may cover some aspects of outpatient care as well. If you have an orthopedic injury arising from an accident or trauma, such plans can be utilised for your outpatient care. It is best to check with your insurance agent on your individual accident policy coverage.

If you require surgery and have an Integrated Shield Plan (ISP) health insurance policy with any of our partner insurance providers, we can seamlessly apply for LOG for you from the insurer directly for your surgery.

We encourage patients to apply for pre-authorization for their inpatient treatment. The insurer may request for your medical records to assess the LOG. The assessors will check your diagnosis, the table code of surgery, the charges and then provide a LOG which is usually within 3 working days for most panel clinics. You are also able to cap your co-payment component by choosing your treatment with a preferred panel specialist.

Please call us at +65 6272 0933 or WhatsApp +65 9628 6933 to learn more.

To be eligible for a cashless inpatient service for medical treatment at any of the private hospitals, you will need to fulfil the following criteria

  • Have an Integrated Shield Plan with a rider component that has been active for more than one year
  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Obtain a pre-authorisation and a Letter of Guarantee from your insurance provider

With a panel specialist, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Treatment by an experienced medical practitioner
  • Receiving priority access when booking appointments
  • Schedule a same day appointment
  • Transparent costs for medical procedures with no ‘surprise’ fees
  • Extended post surgical follow up period of 1 year