How Would An Orthopaedic Surgery Benefit Me?

How Would An Orthopaedic Surgery Benefit Me?

Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries are very common and affect approximately 1.71 billion people worldwide. Symptoms can be short-lived or become lifelong, impacting your quality of life. Hence, it is always recommended to seek treatment early to prevent your condition or injury from worsening.

One of the most common treatment methods is undergoing orthopaedic surgery in Singapore, which is understandably worrying for all patients. But it is also worth noting that doctors usually only recommend surgery if conservative treatments prove to be ineffective and to help you get back to doing what you love.

If you are still on the fence about undergoing orthopaedic surgery, these benefits may change your mind – read on to find out more.

  1. Increases your mobility

    Musculoskeletal conditions or injuries can limit your range of motion. When this occurs, performing simple everyday tasks including walking, raising your arm or even squatting can become difficult.

    For instance, it may be challenging for you to perform side-to-side or pivot movements after sustaining an ACL tear. Luckily, undergoing ACL surgery to reconstruct the torn ligament will help you to regain mobility so you can go back to playing sports or completing daily activities with ease.

  2. Provides pain relief

    Another common symptom experienced by patients is pain that increases with time but this can be reduced or entirely relieved with orthopaedic surgery.

    If you are suffering from a bunion, for example, you will notice a bulging bump on the outside of the base of your big toe and feel pain that comes and goes. A simple keyhole bunion surgery to correct the problem will provide significant pain relief and improve the big toe alignment to make walking easier and more comfortable.

    orthopaedic surgeons teamwork in a bunion surgery singapore

  3. Corrects deformity

    Orthopaedic surgery can also correct deformities caused by fractures and musculoskeletal trauma of the limbs and spine. The procedure aims to improve alignment so as to help you restore and improve your function.

    It can correct foot deformities too, such as flatfoot and bunions, to relieve pain and make walking less of a challenge.

  4. Allows you to pursue the lifestyle you want

    Apart from relieving symptoms such as pain and a limited range of motion, undergoing orthopaedic surgery when it is recommended by your doctor will allow you to pursue the lifestyle you want too. For example, flatfoot surgery utilising a simple stent to raise the arch can obviate the need for custom insoles, allowing the patient to pursue barefoot activities without feeling pain in the feet. Other types of orthopaedic surgeries also help you to fit into certain footwear without having to worry about pain or unsightly bumps sticking out, play a sport you love without having a dull ache or throbbing pain stopping you, and take up new hobbies such as hiking that will keep yourself fit.

  5. Offers cosmetic benefits

    Last but not least, orthopaedic surgery also offers cosmetic benefits so you do not just experience less pain, but also feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Lumps and bumps, bone deformities and abnormal bone spurs can all be resolved with surgery – speak to your orthopaedic doctor to find out more about how surgery can benefit you.

Seek treatment early

Not sure if you will have to undergo orthopaedic surgery? Consult an orthopaedic doctor today for an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment so you can return to enjoying life as soon as possible.

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