How Bunions Can Affect Your Overall Health & Quality Of Life

How Bunions Can Affect Your Overall Health & Quality Of Life

Bunions are deformities that form at the base of your big toe. They present as hard bony bumps that slowly develop and grow larger over time. The causes of bunions are still not fully understood although it is speculated that genetic heritability, improper footwear, or congenital defects could be contributing factors. If left untreated, bunions can lead to painful symptoms, affect your mobility, and force you to make unwanted lifestyle choices. 

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Impaired Foot Function

Bunions are created when the joint at the base of your big toe gets misaligned. This causes the bony bump that is the hallmark of all bunions. At smaller sizes, you might be able to ignore the protrusion. However as they grow larger, they can begin causing problems with your other toes. This can lead to frequent occurrences of corns, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, and calluses.

The pain from a bunion might also alter the way you walk. You might unconsciously shift weight away from your big toe joint which can lead to added strain on the balls of your feet, a condition known as metatarsalgia. If your bunions have progressed to this stage, you may want to consider visiting an orthopaedic doctor in Singapore to explore treatment options.

Bunions May Discourage Active Lifestyles

Many people already lead sedentary lives which lowers their physical health and increases the risk of chronic diseases. The pain and discomfort from a bunion in your foot can exacerbate these unhealthy habits and lead to an avoidance of activities involving walking or running. Severe bunions can even impose restrictions on simple everyday tasks like walking to a nearby supermarket.

Foot Arthritis

People with bunions are more likely to develop foot arthritis as their big toe joint is out of alignment and more stress is placed on their cartilage. Over time, wear and tear causes cartilage to thin. Without cartilage, bones end up rubbing together, causing stiffness and inflammation.

Affects Your Movement Bunion Surgery Singapore

Affects Your Movement

Larger more severe bunions are not only more painful, they can affect your gait and balance. The bend from bunion formation makes your big toe bend inwards towards your other toes. This altered posture impacts the way your foot hits the ground and can make you more prone to tripping and falling. For people with other mobility problems, minimally invasive bunion surgery might be a good way to reduce their future risk of injury.

More Prone To Feet Infections

Corns and calluses are a side effect of developing bunions. Although they are mostly harmless, on occasion they can get infected and might end up requiring medical or even surgical intervention.

Since bunions lead to an increasing frequency of corn and callus formation, individuals with severe bunion issues might find that they are more susceptible to such foot infections.

Unable To Wear Certain Footwear Bunion Surgery Singapore

Unable To Wear Certain Footwear

Bunions can also make it harder for your feet to slide into certain types of footwear, especially those that are tight or form-fitting. It can be difficult to find shoes that don’t aggravate the condition, while also being comfortable for walking. One solution lies in specially designed orthotics which are commonly used as a method of dealing with bunions.

On the surface, bunions might seem like minor inconveniences. But as time goes on, they can develop very real problems that affect your quality of life significantly. If you have a bunion, it is advisable to visit a specialist to discuss options like footwear modifications or bunion surgery in Singapore. With advances in technology,minimally invasive bunion surgeries can even be conducted as a day surgery to minimise pain and trauma.

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