3 Common Causes Of Knee Pain & Treatment Options Available

3 Common Causes Of Knee Pain & Treatment Options Available

Knee pain is one of the most common lower limb issues that people face as they grow older. It can be caused by a number of different factors that involve physical activity, trauma, or it can be the result of a breakdown of your cartilage.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Knee Injuries

The knee is a complex joint that requires tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles to all work in tandem. An injury to any one of these components can cause severe knee pain and restrict your mobility. Some common injuries to the knee include ACL tears and knee fractures.

ACL tears refer to partial or complete tears of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament which is a band of tissue that connects your thighbone to your shinbone. ACL tears can occur during activities that involve sudden stops or changes in direction. For complete tears, the recommended course of treatment will likely be ACL surgery in Singapore to regain full mobility and strength in the knee joint.

A knee fracture is a break in the kneecap, which is a small bone that sits at the front of your knee. A direct impact to the kneecap can cause breaks in this bone which can range from relatively minor stable hairline fractures to more serious displaced or open fractures.

Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems in your knee and other joints can also give rise to persistent knee pain. When a dislocation happens, it can be extremely painful and you may be able to actually see the kneecap visually out of place or at an odd angle. In many cases, the kneecap is able to pop back into place on its own.

Common Causes of Knee Pain-Arthritis-ACL surgery Singapore


There are two main types of arthritis that affect the knee are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Both these conditions can cause inflammation and pain in your knee joints, although they have different underlying causes.

Osteoarthritis happens gradually over time and is exacerbated by factors such as ageing, obesity, prior injury, overuse, and genetics. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that results in swelling, bone erosion, and joint deformity. Total knee replacements in Singapore may be required if your knee joint is worn out beyond repair.

Non-Invasive Treatment Options For Knee Pain

RICE Protocol

The RICE protocol is usually the first line of home treatment for minor knee injuries. It reduces swelling, pain, discomfort, and promotes healing

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

NSAIDs are used to manage pain, inflammation, and fevers in the body. They include medication such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and diclofenac. They can help with arthritis symptoms and knee pain in general.

Steroid injections

Steroid injections directly to the knee joint can help relieve pain from injury or arthritis. They work rapidly but using them too often may damage cells in the knee that make cartilage.

Physical Therapy-ACL surgery Singapore

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the recommended non-invasive treatment methods for knee pain. It can reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness while also restoring mobility and strength. Inactivity is likely to make knee pain worse and physical therapy can help mitigate this.

Braces and Splints

Braces and splints are used to keep your knee in place while healing and provide support for the joint to reduce the pressure and strain on the joint. You should consult your orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore about wearing a knee brace or splint and discuss how long you should keep it on for.

Surgical Treatment Options

ACL Reconstruction

An ACL reconstruction involves removing the damaged or torn ACL in the knee and replacing it with a graft tendon. It’s an outpatient procedure and recovery takes a few months with physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Total Knee Replacement

A total knee replacement is a major surgery where damaged knee joints are cut away and replaced with artificial parts. It provides pain relief, improved mobility, and greater quality of life for patients with major knee problems which have progressed to an advanced stage.

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A knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows doctors to diagnose and treat a number of knee problems. A small camera is inserted into the knee and small incisions are made to allow your orthopaedic surgeon to enter and manipulate miniature surgical instruments.

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